Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Qui ou Que

As in English, a French relative pronoun links a dependent or relative clause to a main clause. The following is a list of relative pronouns from

Qui Subject
Indirect object (person)  
who, what
which, that, whom
Que Direct object whom, what, which, that
Lequel Indirect object (thing) what, which, that
Dont Object of deIndicate possession of which, from which, that
Indicate place or time when, where, which, that

Qui and que are perhaps the most confusing since they can both refer to a person or thing. The difference is in the grammar. Qui is always the subject or indirect object, while que is the direct object.


Nous aimons les hôtels qui ont de grandes piscines.

Voici le guide qui nous a fait visiter le château.

Indirect object:

La fille à qui j'ai parlé est très sympathique.

Direct object:

Le guide nous avons suivi était très enthousiaste.

J'ai visité de Paris, une ville que j'aime beaucoup.
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