Saturday, May 15, 2010

A letter from Elmire

This letter was written in 1925. It was written by Elmire, aunt of Marguerite Chevallier in Graffigny-Chemin, France and posted to Major Madison Pearson in Columbus, Georgia.The letter appears to discuss the house in Graffigny and perhaps a collection that is due. Mr. Colson may be a lawyer referred to in another letter. I will check. Les  Marigab are referenced in page one and a Madame Marigab later. Paulette is mentioned on the last page.

The contents are difficult to read because of the handwriting, but I will try. You can pipe in if you have corrections or comments. Click on the letter to view in a larger size.

J’ai du aller hier a la perception a qui a donne accasion a M’ Colson de me demandes de nouveau apr├Ęs les impels de M’lle me signi fiant bien qu’ils resaient impres decore sommes de hofes en plus au 1er Mai le an ne les payait pas avant et que, lui, voulait encore bien attendre jusqua a ce que la Direction, lui adresse une soire, et qu’elle ce ferait sur les praductions du janru? poser simple fier choses


I should have gone yesterday ...